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  • CoffeeIOI

    Hasbean has received its fair share of emails asking for more information about coffee since Steve first started sourcing and roasting coffee back in 1999. Back then, specialty coffee was so new, Steve couldn’t find a one-stop shop where people could obtain all of the information needed for a good grounding in coffee. His answer? Coffee101!

    Since then, specialty coffee has grown significantly–there are a number of excellent books (dare we say tonnes of tomes?) available on the subject of coffee, but they still presume a certain amount of background–and interest!–for a pretty hefty price.

    Making use information picked up from his many visits to origin and years of interaction with many coffee professionals, Coffee101 is the sum of Steve’s extensive coffee knowledge squeezed into ten easy emails over ten days–perfect for an absolute coffee novice looking to come up to speed quickly, but also for seasoned professionals looking for a quick refresher!

  • Hasbean

    At Hasbean, we believe it’s more important to be good than to be cool–that’s why whilst other roasters are talking about curves, tds and development, or designing ‘authentic’ artisanal packaging concepts, we’re focused on flavours and relationships.

    We source the best coffees we can find through a network of producers we’ve built long-term relationships with: good people committed to growing coffees that demonstrate process, variety, terroir, and farming skill.

    Through our work building and growing relationships, we offer a wide range of coffees, reflecting the diversity available. We roast them to order, profiled to maximise their unique qualities, and delivered fresh so you have the best opportunity to experience them.

  • IMM

    In My Mug is a weekly video cast and coffee subscription featuring coffees Steve has sourced during his world travels. Hasbean roasts and posts the weekly coffee to subscribers on a Friday, with an accompanying video posted to the In My Mug channel over the weekend—just in time for you to drink along with Steve!

    With tastings, facts both daft and serious, and occasional interviews with special guests whacked into a 15 minute weekly video to go alongside the super-fresh coffee dropped to your door, In My Mug makes having amazing and delicious coffee to drink at home easy and fun! For more information on what’s in Steve’s mug this week, click here.

  • Wholesale

    Our focus on sourcing the widest range of specialty coffee, offering around 60 unique lots at any one time, allows us to cover a wide range of origins, varieties, and processes, as well as various microlots from our partner farms–all roasted carefully and delivered fresh to our customers.

    We believe that the best cups of coffee are the result of teamwork between producers, roasters, and brewers, so we invest heavily in developing that team approach with our wholesale clients, working in tandem with our exclusive wholesale customers to help them make the most of what we can offer.

  • Tamper Tantrum

    Tamper Tantrum inadvertently came into being the morning after the 2009 World Barista Championship when Colin Harmon, Steven Leighton, and Ben Helfen recorded a long and somewhat controversial conversation about all things coffee. Shortly after returning to Ireland and the UK respectively, Colin and Steve realised that they’d come across something that they both enjoyed doing and so began Tamper Tantrum, a monthly video blog where they would delve into coffee news and debate wild ideas.

    Today, Tamper Tantrum is a platform dedicated to broadcasting our industries’ stories to a worldwide audience. We focus our work on sourcing a diverse range of opinions, data, and theories from various ends of the coffee spectrum and converging them into one place as a platform for learning and debate.

    In addition to hosting a fortnightly podcast, we have built a library of coffee lectures amassed over the last seven years of live events and interviews. Tamper Tantrum Live has been hosted and recorded in over ten cities around the world, from Dublin to Taipei and many more in between.


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Intrigued by coffee at the young age of seven, Stephen Leighton first opened HasBean’s doors in 1999 and its online doors in 2003, where it continues to be at the forefront of the web age of coffee. Perhaps most well-known for the popular In My Mug weekly or his signature style (mostly red!), Steve works directly, year on year, with over 30 of the most incredible coffee producers in the world to build long terms partnerships that allow HasBean to not just source better coffee for all of their projects and customers, but also to invest in experimentation to understand what quality is possible in a given soil or region through improved science, processes, agronomy, and support.

Not one for sleeping, Steve is also co-creator of Tamper Tantrum (a platform for his constant bickering and brainstorming with Colin Harmon), co-owner of 3FE in Dublin, and co-owner of Drop Coffee in Stockholm.