HasBean Resources

We’ve got no end of resources–both online and in print–for you to use on your journey to coffee nirvana!

PRINT: Some of the HasBean crew are massive fans of all things print, so we are always on the lookout for the best new resources. If you’re in the mood to enjoy the oh-so-awesome new-print smell, this link right here will take you right to our online library of coffee books, magazines, and pamphlets.

WEB: Steve has amassed quite the online library of articles, brew guides, processing notes, varietal guides, and more over his years working as a shop owner, roaster, green buyer, and general coffee celebrity. If something caught your fancy during Coffee101, chances are you can find more information on it here!

Web Resources

Goodness, how things have grown since the days of the lone-coffee-geek forums! They are, however, still alive and kicking–if you’re going to look at any, though, we recommend checking out toomuchcoffee.com, coffeegeek, and home-barista.com. We’d also be remiss if we didn’t mention Barista Hustle’s facebook group, which has turned into old-school-coffee-forums 2.0.

Also potentially of interest: coffee blogs. Some are simply archives of days gone by, but others are still updating regularly, and you never know when one is going to flip from one side to the other! We’d recommend Sweet Marias, The Other Black Stuff, JimSeven, and DublinBarista to start and fall down the rabbit hole!

Practical Courses

More of a hands-on learner? That’s cool, we’ve got resources for you, too! Hasbean now offers modules from the SCAE Coffee Diploma System Education Program, beginning with the Barista Skills modules with other series to be added as the year progresses. Training is conducted by Sonali Tailor, AST, our field trainer, and an authorised UK judge. Sonali has managed a number of coffee bar operations and developed coffee programs for leading UK retailers throughout her career as well as representing her coffee skills on the Cup Taster and Coffee Master stages.